Bremen West IV Logistics Centre

Bremen West IV
Bremen West IV Logistics Centre

Ludwig-Erhard-Str. 55, 28197 Bremen, Germany

Total size:
Property type: Logistics facility
Available date: 30/04/2024
Goodman is already represented in the Bremen freight traffic centre (Güterverkehrszentrum, GVZ) with three logistics facilities. In the summer of 2023, we will be starting construction of the Bremen West IV Logistics Centre, our fourth facility in this prestigious industrial estate.



24-7 operations

Approx. 4,500 m² of hall space is being built on an approx. 18,000 m² brownfield site in a prime strategic location in the Bremen metropolitan region. The facility will be completed in spring 2024.
The property is located in the Bremen freight traffic centre (GVZ), the largest of its kind in Germany and the second largest in Europe. Around 150 companies, including logistics companies, are located within the GVZ. 

Well connected

The industrial estate is connected to motorway A281 and thereby to motorways A1 (Osnabrück - Hamburg), A27 (Bremerhaven - Hanover), A28 (Dutch border - Bremen). The GVZ is also connected to the waterway network via Neustädter Hafen. Bremen International Airport is only 9 km from the site.  

Multiple usage options

The Bremen IV Logistics Centre can be operated like a business park. Two large halls will be built, which can either be rented individually or separately. Modern office space will also be created. 

The property is just right for companies operating in the specialist logistics sector. It offers an ideal location for the storage of hazardous goods, refrigerated logistics, smaller production areas and also for showrooms. 
It is also ideal for mixed use with local synergy effects! 

The key data at a glance

  • Hall area: approx. 4,500 sqm
  • Mezzanine offices: approx. 550 sqm
  • Canopy area: approx. 120 sqm
  • Truck docks: 4
  • Ground level doors: 2
  • Parking spaces for cars: 9
  • E-charging stations: 5
  • Hall height: 10m effective height
  • Floor load: 5t/sqm

When planning our properties, we place a high value on an appealing design to guarantee a pleasant working atmosphere for employees. To this end, we build attractive outdoor break areas with species-friendly planting concepts that invite recreation. A bakery and a bistro are just a few minutes' walk away. 

Comprehensive approach to sustainability: GreenSpace+

Like all Goodman properties, the Bremen West IV Logistics Centre is designed and implemented in accordance with our GreenSpace+ sustainability concept. Our credo: we take care of making our properties green, so that our customers can focus on making them their own. 

The broad approach of GreenSpace+ includes a variety of measures to ensure sustainability.

All of the measures at a glance

  • Photovoltaik systems
  • LED lighting
  • E-charging stations for electric cars
  • SMART-Meter
  • Daylight spots
  • Rainwater cisterns
  • Attractive break areas
  • Air-source heat pumps
  • At least DGNB-Gold Certificate

The modern LED-based lighting system has a special interface (DALI), via which all components of the lighting system can be individually addressed, controlled, and evaluated.
The photovoltaic system helps to reduce emissions during the operation of the site. Intelligent metering systems (smart meters) also help customers cut energy costs and conserve resources.
Greenspace+ goes beyond efforts to achieve carbon neutrality. In this context, efficient water management including rainwater cisterns should be mentioned. 
To promote environmentally conscious mobility, we are installing 5 charging points for electric cars on the property.
In recognition of these amenities, we will receive at least the Gold Certificate of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) for the Bremen West IV Logistics Centre.
The Bremen West IV Logistics Centre is also another example of our corporate goal and commitment to exclusively develop brownfield sites in the future. This allows us to reuse materials and reduce emissions. The conversion of abandoned land and buildings into modern, sustainable commercial properties and logistics locations is a central component of our sustainability strategy. By doing this, we can ensure that modern and sustainable areas are created where commercial uses have been established for generations, while at the same time maintaining and creating more green spaces that provide daily retreats for nature and people.