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Data centres for the digital economy

Data is the core of the digital economy. And as the critical infrastructure behind cloud computing, data centres support a wide range of complex services – from supply chain automation to medical research enabled by artificial intelligence.

Data centres are also the backbone supporting everyday consumer lifestyles, such as food and retail deliveries, remote learning and working, online banking, streaming services, and video calls to name a few. 

With data consumption at an all-time high, demand for data centres to power the digital economy has rapidly increased.  

To support this growth and meet our customers’ current and future requirements, we develop high-quality data centres and technology hubs for the world's largest operators and cloud providers. We have the capability, experience and strategic locations to meet their needs.  

Location, power and permits

We provide data centres in strategic, urban infill locations with high power capacity. Delivering a ‘powered core and shell’ solution, we enable a range of hyperscale and colocation customers to install their advanced technology and operate their data centre facility in our buildings.

Powered by renewable energy where possible, our data centres provide a flexible density design in line with customer requirements. We handle all zoning and permit issues, building design, and construction, so that our customers can focus on developing efficient facilities to meet demand.


Technical features of our data centres

Our state-of-the-art data centres are designed in-line with market best-practice, and we offer build-to-suit opportunities to meet customers’ specific needs. Features include:

  • Cooling - advanced and highly efficient cooling systems are used to cool critical spaces. These are waterless, environmentally friendly and use free cooling whenever possible during the year, with a minimum resilience of N+1 
  • Connectivity - each building has a minimum of three points-of-entry with diverse pathways to data halls for redundancy
  • Data halls - our data halls are designed with flexibility in mind, allowing for multiple rack layouts (with a minimum height clearance of 5.5 metres). Each data hall is suitable for hot or cold aisle containment.   

Sustainable, long-term data centre design

We want our data centres to stand the test of time, while minimising their environmental impact. To do that, we focus on sustainability features, from design to development these include:

  • Brownfield development - regenerating or remediating outdated buildings and sites into data centres, giving them a new purpose without requiring additional land
  • Energy - working closely with our customers to design data centres with maximum power usage effectiveness (PUE), while continually improving their energy efficiency through features such as rooftop solar PV to power non-critical facilities
  • Lighting, heat recovery and cooling - using efficient cooling equipment and systems that use recycled rainwater, LED lighting, efficient heating of office space and when possible, reusing waste heat.   


Our track record

We have a proven track record having developed our first data centre  over 20 years ago in Sydney. To date, we have developed more than 380,000 sqm of data centre space and procured around 600MW of dedicated power in operation around the world for a range of data centre customers. And we have a significant global development workbook underway.  

Our expertise includes site identification and acquisition, power negotiation, authority approvals, data centre design, construction management and financial and asset management. 

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380,000 sqm

of data centre space

600 MW

power produced


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