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Guaranteeing gingerbread production in Nuremberg to satisfy global demand

Tuesday, 07 December 2021

At Christmas time, production at Lebkuchen-Schmidt in Nuremberg is in full swing: more than three million traditional treats roll off the assembly line every day.



It's clear that not all of them are eaten in Germany – after all, Lebkuchen-Schmidt is the world's largest mail-order gingerbread retailer.

 Exports account for around 80 percent of annual sales. Sophisticated logistics are required to ensure that the coveted goods can start their often long journey to Asia or the USA, among other locations, without delay. With such high demand for its products, the space available at the production site became insufficient. To meet its growing needs, from 2016, Lebkuchen-Schmidt has rented one of our transshipment halls in Nuremberg harbor.

 A total of 5,200 square meters of logistics space, including 60 square meters of office space and 580 square meters of mezzanine space, are available here to house gingerbread. At peak times, around 60,000 packages leave the hall every day. The lease agreement between the Schmidt Group and Goodman has now been extended during the busy period of Advent, to ensure the vital role of this facility is guaranteed.

 bayernhafen Nuremberg is one of Europe's most important freight transport and logistics centers and acts as a container hub for the Nuremberg metropolitan region. Goodman maintains a total of 80,000 square meters at the site, consisting of logistics, office, and mezzanine space.

 "We succeeded in extending our contract with Lebkuchen-Schmidt just in time for the Christmas season," explains Christof Prange, Managing Director of Goodman Germany. "We consistently invest in our portfolio of properties and also take into account the concerns of our tenants. For example, we scaffolded a refrigeration system for food storage in this particular hall."

 "We are pleased to have found such a functional and modern distribution warehouse near our headquarters in Unit 3. This facilitates our processes and helps us to cope with our daily logistical tasks," adds Dr. Jürgen Brandstetter, Managing Director at Lebkuchen-Schmidt.