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Electric vehicle charging : overhauling our portfolio with cleaner mobility options

Transitioning towards a low-carbon economy won’t happen all at once. It will take a million small steps happening everywhere, each gathering momentum and building us towards the future we need. As part of our push to do our part, we’re proud to announce that we have started to fully equip our entire German portfolio with electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Addressing a key contributor to global emissions

According to the World Resources Institute, over 11% of all global emissions can be attributed to road transportation. That’s a lot — and it means that each of the cars, vans and trucks coming in and out of our logistics facilities represent an incredibly promising opportunity for carbon reduction.

“If we could electrify the whole road transport sector, and transition to a fully decarbonized electricity mix, we could feasibly reduce global emissions by 11.9%.” — Our World in Data

Cleaner mobility has always been a crucial component to the Energy pillar of our sustainability platform, GreenSpace+. With that in mind, we’re excited to share our efforts for mobilising a transition towards greener mobility in Europe.

Electrifying our German portfolio and fleet

In the coming years, we’ll be installing electric vehicle charging infrastructure across our German portfolio. By the end of 2022, 20 properties with a combined floorspace of almost 800,000sqm will be equipped with 120 scalable EV charging facilities — with the same amount to be realised in 2023.

GreenSpace+ is all about providing our partners with the greenest possible starting point for their operations. Sometimes, the EV facilities will be perfect for what our customers’ businesses need today. Often there’ll be capacity for their EV appetites to grow. But in all cases, we’re doing what we can to ensure that our German facilities are future-proof and able to adapt to whatever tomorrow may bring.

Helping to transition Europe, one property at a time

Although implementing EV charging is a European-wide ambition, we can’t understate the importance of acting locally when it comes to the materials and design of our EV solutions. Every property and location brings its own complexities to the table. When approaching these infrastructure upgrades, we always first consult with our customers to learn about their specific needs and perspectives regarding electric vehicles. Then, we collaborate with EV consultants to physically inspect the site and assess its unique attributes and geography. Only then do we begin planning and implementing the EV infrastructure — to ensure that the solutions installed are designed specifically to match the property, location and needs of our partners.

At the end of the day, sustainability works best with a range of different features and upgrades. The best solution is always to combine EV charging stations with solar PV production on-site, to create a closed-loop of energy production and consumption. Beyond that, whenever we can, we also aim to complement our EV infrastructure upgrades with other crucial components of GreenSpace+. Whether that’s by creating a positive and wellbeing-enhancing environment for the people who work in our facilities, or enhancing crucial biodiversity in the ecosystems that surround them, we’re committed to doing our part to transition Europe for the greener.