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Forestation in Hatert, Gelderland

Staatsbosbeheer, a Dutch government organisation for forestry and the management of nature reserves, attaches great importance to the creation of more forests in the Netherlands. Forests are the green lungs of the Earth and play a vital factor in climate control, biodiversity, sustainable wood production and recreation. That is why Staatsbosbeheer is planning 5,000 hectares of new forest on its own site in the next 10 years. Goodman will be helping to realise this ambition.

A well-located plot of former agricultural land that is suitable for the construction of new forest, will be used by Staatsbosbeheer to plant hardwood species that match both the location and the local conditions. Some edges of the forest will get a herb and shrub layer so that varied heights and transitions are created. No larger trees will be planted, but smaller perennial trees will be given space to grow into a diverse and beautiful forest.

Damp forest

The soil of the former grassland consists of loamy and clay soils and is therefore suitable for a wet forest type. In the eastern part of the plot, there is already a small area of moist forest with a pool in it, which we plan to expand. A cycle path with old oak trees runs between the two plots. These stately trees will be kept in their original position. With this project, we realise 2.6 ha of mixed deciduous forest, with a total of 11,750 trees and shrubs. The main part of the vegetation consists of black alders, willows and oak trees, but also birch, hornbeam, lime trees and sweet cherry trees. Shrubs such as dog rose, Guelder rose, hawthorn, hazel and rowan will form the lower parts of the forest. The planting activities will start in March.


Because forests fulfil many social and environmental functions, they take a prominent role on the Goodman sustainability agenda. As part of our sustainability promise, Goodman Netherlands compensates the ecological footprint of Nijmegen III Logistics Center by, among other things, planting a new forest near Hatert. The expected CO2 sequestration amounts to 14.6 tons of CO2 per year or 5.6 tons of CO2 per hectare, calculated over a period of 100 years (source: Stichting Probos & Face the Future).


Buitenfonds is an independent foundation that raises money for projects in the nature and forests managed by Staatsbosbeheer. This allows Staatsbosbeheer to realize valuable projects, such as afforestation and reforestation projects, bringing children out into nature, preserving and making cultural and historical treasures accessible, developing exciting ways to experience nature and enabling the social work of the forest ranger. Often, these are projects for which no funding is available (anymore). The Buitenfonds works together with companies and private individuals to realize green wishes for current and future generations.

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