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Contract prolongation at the Leipzig IV Logistics Centre

Thursday, 21 July 2022

BMW AG operates a state-of-the-art logistics centre at one of Goodman’s locations in Leipzig – right on the doorstep of its production plant in the city. Signed in 2019, the lease has now been renewed for another four years.


 Leipzig IV Logistics Centre

Automotive manufacturing operates according to the just-in-time principle. For everything to run smoothly, it is necessary to always have the right materials in the right place at the right time. It is therefore advantageous for the logistics centre to be located as close as possible to the production facility.

For this reason, BMW AG has been running a logistics centre in the immediate vicinity of its manufacturing plant in the north of Leipzig since 2019. Built and still managed by Goodman, the property boasts 43,800 sqm of state-of-the-art storage space and 2,360 sqm of offices. 

Successful, long-standing partnership
“We’re delighted about the lease extension. BMW and Goodman have enjoyed a successful partnership for many years,” says Dr. Denise Schönfeld, Lead Link for Asset & Property Management at Goodman Germany. "We’re currently managing several properties for BMW, both here in Germany and internationally in Australia, New Zealand and China.”




Leipzig IV Logistics Centre

Ideally situated as a logistics hotspot
Leipzig is one of Germany’s logistics hotspots. Its multi-modal transport links make it perfect for a range of industries, including the demanding automotive sector. Just a few minutes away along the A14 is Leipzig/Halle Airport, the second largest air-cargo-handling centre in Germany. Authorised to operate flights around the clock, it is a major hub for international freight traffic. Leipzig is also ideally suited to rail freight, with DB Cargo running facilities in Leipzig-Wahren and Leipzig-Mockau, the latter location having a transshipment terminal. The city also enjoys excellent links to western, southern and northern Germany via the A9 and A38 autobahns.

Goodman is also implementing its GreenSpace+ sustainability programme at this location; there are charging points at the site for electric vehicles and e-bikes.