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A place to stay for falcons

Friday, 06 May 2022

With falcons breeding between April and May, Kleinaitingen Logistics Centre near Augsburg is helping these birds of prey find nesting spots. Nesting boxes are being installed around the site, mainly for peregrine falcons and kestrels.  




Falcons are fascinating birds, true spectacles of nature, transfixing our gaze with their elegant, precision flight and their ability to hover in the sky while scouring the ground for prey.

Fortunately, as confirmed by the German Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU), they are no longer an endangered species. According to NABU, one in seven of Europe’s falcons is native to Germany, making the country a haven of sorts for the bird. To keep things this way, it is good to do all we can to help the falcons.






Falken im Nistkasten

A place to stay for falcons
One option in this regard is to provide places for them to nest. In the wild, falcons breed in abandoned buzzard and crow’s nests, as well as in rock crevices and old tree cavities. In populated areas, however, where such havens are often few and far between, suitable nesting boxes should be provided for them.

Goodman’s Logistics Centre in Kleinaitingen is an ideal setting for this. BMZ, partnering with logistics firm Kühne+Nagel, operates a 70,000 m2 regional distribution centre at the facility. The centre is surrounded by an agricultural landscape of fields and meadows, where the falcons are sure to find plenty of prey to feed to their young.

Part of the sustainability agenda
“For Goodman, sustainability is a core value of our corporate philosophy and is mainstreamed in our GreenSpace+ sustainability programme,” says Christof Prange, Head of Germany at Goodman. “Safeguarding biodiversity is a key aspect of this and something that we're undertaking at virtually all of our locations. And we’re always thrilled when we hear that our customers are implementing similar projects of their own.”