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Sustainable property development and management

We strive to create long-term sustainable value for stakeholders in 6 key areas:

Sustainable Development 
We identify and include sustainable design and operating features that target efficiency and improve the operational performance of our properties.

Property Management
We are committed to managing our buildings efficiently over their lifetime and continually invest to improve their environmental footprint and assure exceptional operational performance for the long-term.

Engagement and Reporting
We regularly communicate with stakeholders in a transparent way using a variety of channels; including corporate reporting, regular fund updates and direct engagement with customers and investors.

We operate in accordance with sustainability related regulatory obligations across our regions, particularly in relation to the disclosure of energy consumption and carbon data.

Corporate Performance
We measure and disclose our performance across key indicators; such as diversity and staff development, energy consumption and carbon emissions.

We endeavour to create an inspiring and fair work environment for employees and to support the communities in which we operate. Our community-based programmes are delivered through the Goodman Foundation.

Sustainability in Germany

Sustainability is a key business driver for Goodman that provides cost savings to our customers and enhances the long-term value of our properties.

Goodman is the first and only developer in Germany to agree a master plan with the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) to pre-certify new developments, saving time and money in the certification process. Based on an agreed set of sustainability features, all new developments in Germany will receive a silver certification by DGNB.
Additionally, Goodman has turned more intensively to brownfield site conversion as many older, existing properties no longer fulfil the technical standards and sustainability requirements of modern logistics space. Around half of all new property solutions from Goodman in Germany are created from so-called brownfields. The latest example is a 103,000 sqm facility in Bedburg, near Cologne, developed on a former coalmining-site for the medium-sized logistics service provider Hammer, which also brought a new economic impulse to the region.