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Real estate management

Management services for industrial properties

As part of our integrated own, develop, manage business model, every Goodman property is managed internally by a dedicated and highly skilled team of professionals.

Property management services include:

  • Customer service and an annual business space review
  • Lease administration
  • Building and engineering services
  • Asset management
  • Building maintenance
  • Landscaping
  • Security services
  • Energy and facilities management
  • Fitout services
  • Industrial real estate management team

Industrial real estate management team

Each property management team includes a:

  • Portfolio Manager - oversees the customer's Goodman property team and lease negotiations
  • Property Manager - responsible for property management and lease administration enquiries
  • Technical Manager - looks after building and engineering services for new tenancies or existing space modifications.

We work closely with our customers to deliver on their business space requirements and build long-term relationships. Our high customer retention and occupancy rates are a direct result of our superior attention to detail, service and commitment.

Portfolio Manager

Jaroslaw Czechowicz

Head of Portfolio Management
+49 211 49 980

Asset Managers

Martin Berger
Property Manager 
+49 172 275 29 10

Sebastian Schiffer
Property Manager 
+49 1520 89 29 936

Property Managers

Verena Brada
Property Manager 
+49 173 18 52 370

Marion Kühnen
Property Manager 
+49 173 30 70 033

Elena Danes
Property Manager 
+49 1520 892 99 37

Jessica Lausch
Property Manager 
+49 173 996 35 38